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These types of pumps are, since having grinder blade inside, are used in smooth discharging of fibrous and slime particles in the water up to max 28m. height. Due to its stainless body, these pumps are used conveniently in sewage and treatment systems of industries, hotels, building and public areas. They are easy to use and very portable.

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Centrifugal Pump


Like most pumps, a centrifugal pump converts rotational energy, often from a motor, to energy in a moving fluid. A portion of the energy goes into kinetic energy of the fluid. Fluid enters axially through eye of the casing, is caught up in the impeller blades, and is whirled tangentially and radially outward until it leaves through all circumferential parts of the impeller into the diffuser part of the casing.

The fluid gains both velocity and pressure while passing through the impeller. The doughnut-shaped diffuser, or scroll, section of the casing decelerates the flow and further increases the pressure.


Dirty Water Submersible Pump

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This type of pump is used in backwaters up to max 17m height, discharging of canalization water -industrial and domestic waste water, rain water which lift slime particulars max 20mm. since being full stainless (SDF15/2) can be used in small scale ornamental waterfalls in food industry.


Water Transfer Or Pressure Boosting



Surface pumps are non-submersible pumps for water transfer or pressure boosting. Solar powered surface pumps provide a sustainable, reliable and cost efficient alternative to irregular water supply solutions in remote locations, or for highly specific applications anywhere.

These pumps provide individual solutions to water problems where conventional water supply systems fail or simply cannot reach. Although the initial investment including solar panel is higher, the operating cost is minimal.


All those houses which are mainly dependent on the ground water system, they need efficient pumping system & pumping. Talking about pumping devices, submersible pump is one of the common devices which is being used to pump out water. If you want be ensure that you have the right submersible pump make sure that you have made a right selection, apt installation and followed maintenance measures. Lot of people think that maintenance comprise of just rectifying different problems faced by a pump but in actuality, it starts from the moment you make a selection.


When you have made a right selection for a pump, you are actually ensuring smooth & efficient functioning and longevity of the pump. Make sure that you have followed the following discussed criteria –

Size of the borewell

Since, submersible pumps gets installed on borewells, the borewell’s diameter remains a confining element when it comes to choosing the apt size of the pump. Commonly, the size of the borewell include 6 to 7 inch diameter. This helps in easy installation of the pump.


The borewell yield proves an important element while selecting a pump. Well, the discharge for 0.5hp can be around 5 gallons per minute. So, you don’t have to confuse yourself for doing tricky calculations as you can take an idea from the list which you have it from the manufacturer. This will further help you in selecting the amount of water that is actually required to fill the overhead tank.

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Full energy and solar batteries are essential and critical power supplies for long operation periods. They are our full power batteries in standard flooded type. Unlike our starter models, they feature the deep discharge which is suitable for usage in applications with high energy requirements.

They are designed for long lasting use in energy applications with high charging feature and their internal structures are improved. Similar to all of our flooded batteries, they are also low water loss batteries requiring no maintenance.

Main usage areas include cleaning machines, electric vehicles, alarm and safety systems, solar panel systems, special vehicles for the disabled, pallet lifters, golf carts and caravans and UPS









With the Inci Battery Gel Series you can be sure of a durable product with  safe usage, short charging duration. The Inci Gel is a excellent solution for vehicles and machinaries that require high electric power.

Inci Battery Gel Series batteries are specially designed with gel electrolyte formula to provide high performance in the following areas
  • solar energy systems
  • Marine battery as a boat, yacht and sea transport vehicles
  • Wind energy systems
  • Military Vehicles
  • Disabled cars
  • Cleaning vehicles
  • Golf carts